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When I embarked on a career with horses many years ago, my goal was to be the best possible rider I could be, and to be able to help others achieve this goal. On a personal level this goal still exists for me and I am still striving to be a better rider everyday. Learning to be a better dressage rider is a fabulous journey that has taken me to super stables in the U.S. and in Europe, as well as introduced me to wonderful people with the same interests, goals and love of horses that I have.

The mission of Carousel Dressage Horses is to train horses through the USDF and FEI levels, to help them be the best they can be, both with us and with their owners. Our goal is to provide a relaxed environment for our mounts while still providing a positive training center for horses and their riders. We teach dressage enthusiasts how to communicate with their horses in a positive and confident way. We are here to help riders realize that in order to be successful in dressage one does not need to build tension and pressure in your horse. We strive to be competitive in the show arena with sound and happy horses, because good training is not an accident; it is created purposefully with a determined system.

Please feel free to come visit us at either one of our wonderful locations, Heartwood Farm in Loxahatchee Groves, FL - from October through May, and Ashby Farm in Ashby MA - in the summer months.
Dressage: Where Sport Meets Art - Come Ride With Us!