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Choice of Champions
Choice of Champions
I am proud to endorse Choice of Champions Products. If you are interested in ordering any of their merchandise, please email Allison at Choice of Champions and mention my name to receive a discount.

Super Joint Solution
Equine Joint Supplement
This super joint solution repairs joint damage, improves performance, and prevents further damage to your horse's joints.

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U Shield
Ulcer Supplement
Promotes your horse’s digestion and nutrient absorption. It is an acid suppressant, mucosal protective and top dressing for horses prone to ulcers.

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Lung Aid
Respiratory Supplement
Promotes equine respiratory health and prevent epistaxis. "Lung Aid" is a comprehensive conditioner for the lungs.

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Easy Does It
Calming Supplement
Takes the “edge” off and helps calm your horse for showing and moving.

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True Sweat
Sweating Supplement
Supplement to manage anhidrosis, helping your horse sweat normally.

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SuperDerm Solution
For Horses & Dogs
Solves many skin problems from fungus and hot spots to cuts & abrasions.

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