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March 2017 Spring Junior Dressage Camp

March 2017 Camp
From Remy Sprague:
Over the course of March tenth - twelfth Nancy Later Lavoie held a Spring Junior Dressage Camp. The age group ranged from ten to seventeen years old with participants, Rachel Brown, Ainsley Cronin, Leah Drew, Paige Hendrick, Lucy Hill, Julia Hulett, Charlotte Sekerak and, Remy Sprague. The main instructor was Nancy Later Lavoie, assisted by Brittany Early and Linda Powers. Mrs. Lavoie created a workbook where we answered questions to help her get to know us, as well as to help us to start thinking deeper. Some of the questions featured were, "What is success to you?", "Why is it important to pay attention to details?" and, "what does connection mean to you?". At this camp, Mrs. Lavoie's main topic was connection. On Friday, she spoke to us about how connection is not just about the hand to the rein, but also the seat, the leg, and the relationship the rider builds with the horse. She stressed the importance of clear communication from the rider to the horse to ensure that each aid means something precise. On Saturday she spoke to us about horsemanship. Here she spoke about the idea of making a bond with the horse and knowing how the bond makes for better riding. In the lessons, Mrs. Lavoie stressed the importance of a relaxed and connecting seat. With the help of her working student Brittany Early, Mrs. Lavoie was able to offer a lunge portion of the lessons to each participant, to work on the position of the rider. With lots of fun, games, and hard work, new bonds and friendships were made between horses and riders as well as between riders!

From Julia Hulett:
I had an awesome experience at camp! Everyone was so welcoming and it's a beautiful facility! I definitely recommend this camp to kids who love horses and dressage! Nancy Lavoie did an amazing job teaching and working with my horse with flexion and collection, also with me on sitting trot and balance in the saddle. I loved that we got to watch and take notes of other's lessons. I learned good flying lead change exercise from watching!

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