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Your Questions are welcomed!

E-mail them to and receive some healthy advice that you and your horse will appreciate.

Q: What changes when I want to go from first to second level?

A: ...the big mystery in dressage is, how is it that we can get high scores at training level, yet when we want to move up to first level, it seems so difficult to do the tests? read more...

Q: Some days, my horse is terrified of a certain spot in the arena. What can or should I do, to stay safe?

A: I get asked this question a lot. The first thing we have to remember about horses is they are flight animals. read more...

Q: What would you recommend during the winter months, for a horse that has weak stifles, while we are relegated to the indoor arena?

A: The winter months are a challenge for all enthusiastic dressage riders, not only do you want to keep your horses fit, but you want to keep them interested and fresh. read more...

Q: How can I keep my horse in the canter when I try to half halt?

A: This is a common problem. It has to do with the mechanics of the canter and the natural tendency for us to over ride the stride when we feel a mistake coming. read more...

Q: What can I do to get my horse to accept his half halts better?

A: This is not an unusual problem. All horses have a stiff side and a hollow side and we need to work to make the horses more correct in the straightness to minimize this tendency. read more...

Q: What is the best way to warm up?

A: I do have a very good basic warm up for you. With this warm up you should feel that you and your horse become warmed up more quickly and are able to move on to more advanced work. read more...

Q: How do I get an extended trot?

A: I am very happy that you enjoy DTO. It is such a great tool, and wonderful that we can reach people so far away! read more...

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