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Why sponsor a dressage rider?
Dressage is an art. Without support from art lovers like yourself it will soon become extinct. The art of Classical Dressage is beautiful to watch as well of a way of life for horse owners and lovers. The need to protect our beloved animals from reckless training practices is ever present. The exposure and success of sound training practices ensures their longevity.

Why sponsor this dressage rider?
Nancy has lived her whole life in pursuit of learning the sport and the art of dressage. Her dedication to top care and expert training practices are evident in her success, but also when you walk thru her stable. A stable full of show fit and happy eager horses await you any hour of the day. Nancy has educated herself in nutrition, soundness and fitness as well as the aspects involved in training a top level dressage horse. This education compounded with her natural feel for horses creates a competitor few can rival. Nancy was born to compete with horses. This said she respects their well being and is unwilling to push them beyond their natural limits for her own benefit, or the benefit of others. Nancy is willing to take the time and use all the tools available to her to prepare the horses for the tasks at hand. This maybe a lower level test or a top FEI event. Nancy has integrity, honesty and drive. You will stand tall and be proud to be part of this winning team.

How can I sponsor Nancy?
There are many ways that you can help get Nancy into the International Arena. The most pressing issue at hand is the retirement of her Grand Prix mount Alexis-D who turned 20 this year. This leave Nancy without an FEI level horse. Alexis has been showing in the FEI ring with Nancy for 9 years. She had several extremely successful years including showing the small tour and grand prix in Europe as well as an undefeated winter on the Florida circuit at Inter 2 and GP. The last couple of years she has been competing less due to old age, but has kept up with some Grand Prix Freestyle appearances at fundraisers. We need to put together a group of people interested in owning a top horse for the International level.

On a smaller level you can also help her by making donations to the American Horse Trials Foundation. These donations will help her to support her up and coming young horse Glorious. By helping with Glorious expenses you can ease the burden of shoeing, vet bills and other daily expenses. It will also make it possible for Nancy to get him into the show ring and get him the experience he needs to be a top competitor.

What do I get in return for Sponsoring an athlete such as Nancy?
Nancy is dedicated to the sport of Dressage. Her desire to put Classical Dressage in the spot light is fearless. If it is exposure you want she will make that happen, at horse shows, on saddle pads, in photos and press releases, National and International. If it is a life experience you are looking for, following a horse up the levels and traveling on the dressage circuit is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences you can have. The people are amazing, the venues are fantastic and to watch the horses is better then any ballet or art show you can imagine.

You are also keeping alive a living, breathing art form for generations to come. Dressage is growing in America, lets insure that as it grows we keep it at the highest level possible.

For more information about how to sponsor a top dressage horse contact Nancy directly at

Thank you!
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