Youth Dressage Camp June 19th-25th, 2019

This years Youth Camp was an amazing combination of fabulous progress in riding, confidence and mindset. I was joined by Lexie Merguerian, Remy Sprague and Annalea Wohlgemuth and together we were able to give these young girls an extra special week of learning. Participants Leah Drew, Hazel Greene, Addie and Clara Locke, Samantha Mahar and Natalia Haycock Tufor all eagerly soaked up the lessons. We started on Wednesday morning with everyone getting settled in to the stabling and then the first lecture over lunch. Our work books this year were quite difficult, so we started right away to work through them. I love the addition of the workbooks to the practical riding, it gives us extra time to discuss the principles and helps to give the girls more intention when they get into the saddle. This year was no different and the progress in everyone's riding was amazing. I also love the support they give each other and because of this the comfort to open up and learn rather then be nervous to impress each other makes all the difference in their ability to make tangible differences in their riding.

Everyday with started morning talks over breakfast, then moved on to seat lessons, practical lessons, horsemanship lessons and work on mindset and confidence. Everyone got a lot of time in the saddle and experience with wrapping, braiding and other horse care lessons. I could never have done this with out the help of my mentors.

Thank you Lexie, Remy and Annie for all of your help throughout camp. Thank you Heidi and Dick Venuti for all of you patience throughout the week while we took over your beautiful farm. Thank you girls for giving me the opportunity to be part of your education. Most of all, thank you to our amazing horses and ponies for all of the lessons you teach us, life would not be the same without you.

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