Welcome to Carousel Coaching! This a new offering I am able to provide to young riders and competitive adults as well. My experience through the years has proven to me that "it is all mindset", whether I am talking about the students I have trained, or my own show experiences. In addition, it is all about getting yourself into a mindset for learning that turns lessons from stress to success, and fear into confidence.

I welcome you to join me for private coaching sessions that can be done in person or on the phone. In these sessions I will show you exactly how to prepare yourself for horse shows, clinics, lessons and riding on your own. We will create a strategy specifically for you and your horse that will help you progress faster. This strategy will not interfere with your riding lessons! There is nothing that we will talk about that will conflict with your present trainer. The only thing your trainer will notice is you are more present and confident in all situations!

To book your first free introductory session please go to

I am also very excited to provide a free bimonthly webinar for youth riders. Email for your free invite. These webinars are specifically designed to help youth riders find confidence in life, in addition to their riding and competition. We are building a super community of girls that have common values and goals. The girls are finding ways to support each other outside of the webinars which is important for long term success.

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