Welcome to Carousel Coaching! This a new offering I am able to provide to young riders and competitive adults as well. My experience through the years has proven to me that "it is all mindset", whether I am talking about the students I have trained, or my own show experiences. In addition, it is all about getting yourself into a mindset for learning that turns lessons from stress to success, and fear into confidence.

I welcome you to join me for private coaching sessions that can be done in person or on the phone. My experience led me to become a Certified Robbins and Madanes Trained Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach in order to better serve my students. This training, in addition to The Reiki training I have recently received, enables me to remove some of the blocks that can prevent riders from achieving the connection and ultimate success they are looking for with their horses. I am able to understand the difficulties that arise in the sport of dressage as well as help you find the necessary confidence to help you achieve your goals. There is nothing that we will talk about that will conflict with your present trainer! The only thing your trainer will notice is that you have more ability to be present and confident in all situations.

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Join me Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM EST for meaningful conversations about dressage and what it takes to create winning relationships. In these webinars I teach about the importance of values and their impact on our ultimate achievement. We learn about how success can mean different things to different people, and how to determine what is right for you. In addition we tackle difficult conversations involving the pressure of competition, peer pressure, and money. Sign up here or send your email address and questions to

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